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Thinking of Document Management
Almost any organization would benefit from a Document Management system.

Document Management Systems are a combination of both hardware and software designed to address an immediate information sharing need and forms the foundation for growth up to an enterprise-wide solution. The system may start with a single department and grow with the company or the system may start with several departments and become a company wide operation. Documents can be paper, a large variety of e-docs including Cad Drawings, and e-mails to name a few types.

These systems will:
  • Improve customer service thru rapid response to questions by clicking a mouse instead of searching for files
  • Increase productivity and efficiency of knowledge workers up to 30/40% immediately
  • Help with compliance, i.e., Sarbanes/ Oxley
  • Increase floor space by eliminating Filing Cabinets
  • Make external/internal audits a simple task, win points from auditors, and save on audit fees that help to pay for the systems.
  • Make decision making information available super fast.
  • The cost ranges from an entry point of $7,000.00 to $15,000.00.
Improve Data Management
Old methods of storing data - paper, microfiche, diskette or magnetic tape - are static and only available to one user at a time. But with AccessAbility's data storage system, you'll be using the latest technology - giving you the ability to access your data in a variety of ways.

Since storage on a disc makes your data portable, any number of employees can access the data simultaneously while sitting at their PCs. All you need is a CD or DVD drive and a supported Windows operating system. Using the Alchemy Search licenses an unlimited number of employees can access the same data from one source or duplicate copies!
Outsource Your Work
Let the professionals at AccessAbility transfer your data for you. They can handle all of your data transfer needs for any type of media: paper, magnetic tapes, cartridges, diskettes, or microfiche. And better yet, they'll help you design customized indexing and query screens, so you can access your data any way you like. No more loading and unloading magnetic tapes. No more digging through reams of paper reports. No more fumbling with microfiche. With all of your data on our storage system, you'll never be more than an instant away from that critical piece of information.
Save Money
AccessAbility's data storage system is the lowest cost digital storage system available. The time you'll save by spending fewer hours filing, transferring, retrieving and maintaining data translates into big savings - no matter what business you're in. And you'll reduce storage costs too! With your data digitally stored, you'll use less office space, furniture, and equipment.
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