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AccessAbility Services Partners with InStream
Will Offer More Content Management Expertise, Products, and Services.
AccessAbility Services will gain use of more content management expertise, products, and services to offer as it partners with InStream LLC. Based in Nashville and with offices in Knoxville TN and Irvine CA, InStream delivers enterprise content management (ECM) solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) services that address the document scanning, workflow automation and document management needs of our banking, financial services, healthcare payer, and corporate clients.

"Customers depend on us for solutions to drive their business processes and keep them competitive”, says Mark Efird, president and CEO of AccessAbility. After more than 16 years in the business, AccessAbility Services is known in the upstate as a leading supplier of document management solutions including: hardware and software solutions, process outsource services, ECM professional services, and maintenance warranties.

E-Forms - Eliminate Work...Eliminate Mistakes...Eliminate Cost.
October 2015
Business users can quickly create online forms.
The possibilities for using FileBound E-forms are practically endless. Customers have designed forms for everything from allowing employees to request time off to enabling college students to drop or add classes to gathering online applications from potential employees. E-forms help these organizations:

Capture requests and automatically route them to the right person or automated process, reducing time spent handling paper forms or tracking down emails

Gather information of virtually any kind with less impact on staff by allowing the user to complete the form and add any additional information, such as documents associated to an application, insurance verification or receipts

Replace paper forms (even forms that require signatures) that can become outdated, waste resources and take longer to process that electronic requests

Provide virtually anyone with the ability to submit forms and documentation anytime, anywhere using any device they choose

Complement Your Current Payroll System with Mobile Timesheets
September 2015
More accurate data, streamlined reporting, and increased accountability--without having to change payroll systems.
Mi-Corporation's pre-packaged Mobile Timesheet software is the perfect solution for eliminating payroll bottlenecks and streamlining the management of your employees' time. Our user-friendly interface enables your field personnel to quickly track their time using any relevant mobile device, even without an internet connection.

By digitzing these processes and leveraging mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops & tablets, workers can be tasked to enter hours worked on an hourly or daily basis.

As part of the data entry, the worker will indicate the date, what job they were assigned to, and the number of hours worked in order for those hours to be logged against the appropriate budget.

Supervisors will then be able to monitor hours being logged and can then submit individual and/or crew timesheets to their manager for approval.

Payroll will have hours logged on a daily basis, eliminating the bottleneck of data entry on the last day of the pay period. Our mobile timesheet solution integrates with most existing payroll systems.
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